Each cryptocurrency held on the Secure Wallet can have up to 5 different 'Accounts'. This allows you to spread your Bitcoin, for example, across (up to) 5 accounts - for example you might have an account for 'Trading', one for 'HODL', one for 'Retirement', etc.

By default, each cryptocurrency wallet has one default account which will be called, for example, 'BTC Wallet 01'

Add New Account

From the main 'Balance' screen choose the cryptocurrency you want to add an account to. 
On the Accounts page, click the circle '+' button below the accounts screen to add a new account.

Note: Once an account has been created, it cannot be removed.


Change Account Name

On the Accounts page, click the edit icon (looks like a small pencil) next to the account name.
In the 'Rename Account' dialog box that shows, click 'Change'
In the next dialog box enter the new account name and click 'Change'