The Secure Wallet currently supports:

1. Large cap coins Bitcoin Ether Litecoin XRP and BCH

2. More than 600 ERC20 tokens (attached)

3. USDT on the OMNI layer (bitcoin, not the erc20 version)

4. BNB token (just the token, not all BNB chain assets)

5. Our very own OMI token

6. GoChain

7. It can store and display your ERC721 digital collectibles.

You'll find plenty of handy information on the SW blog too,

Please be aware that some erc20 tokens have moved to their mainnet versions, so whilst they may appear on the Secure Wallet as supported tokens, it is always important to confirm which version of the token you currently have, and only send small test amounts to the wallet first. 

In the coming month or two a brand new Secure Wallet app will also be released, supporting more tokens and making it much more user friendly.

Hope that helps!